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Delano Labyrinth Project

 The Delano Labyrinth Project is a collaborative effort between a small core team of community members, and the Delano Area Council for Arts and Culture. 

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Flood of '65

Flood of '65


As if the water of the Mighty Crow River gathered pieces of Delano’s past and forever stitched them together into a sculpture.  Zoran’s sculpture is reminiscent of the agricultural life, manufacturing and the railroad that made Delano what it is today.  

While looking for appropriate pieces of granite at the old Delano Granite Works site for another Delano project, Zoran found pillars from a downtown Minneapolis building.  These pillars have resided behind the Delano Granite Works site on the Crow River since the 60’s.  He wanted to incorporate a pillar into a sculpture as a tribute to the Delano community before it was crushed for granite fill. He mentioned a project he had done with school children to a member of the Council for Arts and Culture. The idea was shared with the Middle School Art Teacher, and the project began.  The owner of the granite works site was contacted and a column in four sections was generously donated for the project.

The “Artist in Residency” Grant helped financed the collaborative project between Zoran Mojsilov, Delano Middle School Art Department and other Delano organizations to create a sculpture as a tribute to the Delano Community, past and present. Zoran worked with each of the 7th grade art classes to expose them to the work he does as a sculpture as well as getting their input by collecting artifacts to represent the people of Delano and things they used to make Delano what it is today.  The result is a large sculpture for a public site. The site and the configuration of the pillar designated by the city inspired the final creation of the “Flood of ’65” Sculpture.