Spark the power of art


Delano is a small town full of artistic talent. The Art Council was started to help promote local artists and to make art easily accessible to the community. This project will recognize our local artists, who are accomplished in their chosen art genre.

The many utility boxes around town are blank canvases that beg to host art. A local professional graphic artist will be creating vinyl sleeves with photos of the works of fellow artists.

Use of the electrical boxes as a “canvas” for art will create value in a few ways: (1) many area residents will experience art they might not otherwise see; (2) the artists will have their work seen by the broader community; and (3) the downtown area will be more aesthetically pleasing. 

This project will also enhance our community goal of creating downtown Delano as a

destination for the arts.


Jill Woodward

Emily Lynch Victory

Mitch Kezar

Donna Rice

Sarah Flicek

Shari Zimmerman



Jill Woodward


Jill Woodward - Visual Artist, Painting and Drawing

  Jill has been an artist since childhood; drawing is one of her earliest memories. She earned an undergraduate degree in art education and psychology from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa and went on to earn a graduate degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling from the University of South Dakota. She worked as a child and family counselor for many years. Throughout this time, her artwork was a hobby for personal gratification. 

Read the DHJ article on Jill HERE


  About twelve years ago, while living in Delano, she renewed her commitment and dedication to creating art and sharing it with the public. Since then she has participated in many group and individual shows. Currently, she is a full time artist, which includes painting, taking classes and teaching classes. 


 Woodward’s work as a family and child therapist has influenced her art. Her favorite subject matter is children. Jill likes to paint them alone in everyday yet ideal situations; when they appear to be unaware of an observer, when they are most truly themselves. She strives to achieve a serene and subtly dream-like quality in her work. Her paintings appear to be real and at the same time, not true. As Nietzche said, “We have art in order not to die from the truth.” 

Emily Lynch Victory


Emily Lynch Victory

 Emily Lynch Victory is a painter enthusiastic about pattern and  mathematics.  Emily has degrees in both mathematics and fine art, and   loves combining the two.  Originally from Minnesota, Victory currently  lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and three young, energetic,  art-loving boys.  

Mitch Kezar


Mitch Kezar - Photographer

 Twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in spot new photography, Mitch has shot beneath the frigid depths of Lake Superior for National Geographic Magazine, trailed presidential candidates for Time 

and Newsweek magazines, spent day in high country shooting ads for snowmobiles, traveled with natives across Africa and ridden trains across China with peasants and chickens - all in search of the perfect image. 



Kezar’s work has been featured in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sporting Classics and many other hunting and fishing industry publications. Corporate clients include FedEx, Remington, Cabela's, Leupold, Bushnell, Nikon, Vista Outdoors, General Mills, Garmin, and many others. He is now shooting and producing video work for many of the same clientele. 

Mitch Kelzar lives in Delano, Minnesota, with two crazy Jack Russell Terriers, Aussie and Kelvin. 

Donna Rice


Donna Rice

Since earning my BFA degree in Glass and Metal from Carnegie Mellon University in 1981, I have made it my life’s work to capture and share my view of the amazing natural world that surrounds us. I honed my craft as a glassblower, cold worker, lamp worker and carver before finally pursuing my passion for cast glass sculpture.



Fifteen years after beginning this pursuit, I continue to challenge my mold-making skills in an effort to more freely design and create glass sculptures without limitation of process.

It may be cliché for an artist to claim Mother Nature as inspiration, but she has always been my muse. Although my sculptures are subjectively personal, I believe their emotional context is universal. We all enjoy some connection to nature throughout our lives, whether consciously or otherwise. I use glass to preserve the fragile, natural elements we collect to remember special moments in time. With my newest work, I strive for greater abstraction with emphasis on color, to blur the lines of distinction between my memories and yours.


All of my glass sculptures are hand-finished in my Delano, MN studio, where I welcome visitors to learn about kiln casting, an art form rarely practiced in the Midwest. I am also available for commissions and teaching opportunities, including private lessons.

For information about works in progress or to discuss a custom project, please or call DJR Glass Studio at (407) 405-3210.

Sarah Flicek


Sarah Flicek Artist, Metalsmith, Entrepreneur

 Sarah Flicek has been an artist all her life. Creating has always been healing, spiritual and a connection to the world & the kindred human spirit. 

Through the medium of fine metal and mastering the skills of traditional metalsmithing, her metal work is a perfect convergence of her love of learning, tinkering, exploring and challenging herself. It answers her innate need to be precise and the freedom and creativity of being an artist. Sarah resides in Delano, MN with her three boys, Logan Owen & Mason.

See more of Sarah’s work at

Shari Zimmerman


Shari Zimmermann - Paint and Mix Media Artist

I find beauty in weathered surfaces that show a history of human touch and the evidence of time passed. Using acrylic paint, ink jet printouts, sheet music, brush and palette knife, I look for surprising results while experimenting with technique and color combinations. I enjoy working large and piling on the paint, viewing the progress and deciding what to change from across the room.


  I often rethink my paintings in the middle of the process and recreate entire sections. Sometimes I create right over an old painting of mine that I never liked, allowing textures from the hidden layers to become part of the composition. 


A founding member of the Delano Artist Guild and Maple Plain Artist Co-op, and a member of the Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (W.A.R.M.), I display my work in local festivals and businesses and my online gallery. I’ve contributed to shows at Flow Art Space, Your Art’s Desire, Coloplast, The Paul Whitney Larson Gallery, The Show Gallery Lowertown, and Studio 144.